Our Process

1. File Claim We make sure your claim is filed quickly and accurately

After your insurance carrier provides a claim number, you and a Summit Roofing Systems representative will attend the adjuster’s appointment to be certain a thorough inspection is conducted and an accurate estimate given based on the assessment.

2. Inspection We are a liaison between the insurance provider and you.

After obtaining a copy of the adjuster’s report, we will communicate with your insurance carrier to secure the proper coverage to conduct the restoration in a way that meets our commitment to quality.

3. Insurance Liaison We finalize payment, endorsement of check and schedule your project.

Once you receive your check from the insurance carrier and it is properly endorsed, your restoration can be scheduled. If your mortgage company is involved, arrangements can be made to provide them next-day payment.

4. Schedule Project We get the job done to your specifications.

Summit Roofing Systems conducts the installation of your roof and any other services previously covered and agreed upon, along with a quality check to ensure that the finished project meets the highest standards of quality.

5. Final Inspection We carry out a comprehensive final inspection.

Once we are satisfied the restoration has returned your property to what was agreed upon, Summit Roofing System will present a complete and final invoice to your insurance carrier for the release of any remaining depreciation and will schedule a time to collect a final payment, effectively finishing the product.

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Hammer on roof mid repair
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